Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Coolest Christmas Gift for Your Fan!

Everyone is excited about the National Championship Game - Now you have the Perfect Gift for Your Fan!

These are built in Louisiana, 12 foot long, fully functional Pirogues.  
  • Paddle down the Bayou
  • Fill 'em up with drinks for your Party!
  • Talk about the Crawfish Tray that Everyone will Remember!
  • Make Yours the Coolest Tailgate Party!
We are taking orders NOW for Delivery by Christmas!

Call Bill @ 377-7440, Paul @ 794-9891, or paul@laundryworld.net Today!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Testdriving a new 16.5 foot Marshrunner 2

We went to Prien Lake Park in March, 2011 to take a little spin in a new 16' Marshrunner 2.  This boat has a 44 innch bottom, sealed off decks and floor, built in front storage locker, built in trolling motor pad, built in march anchor holder, lights and eyes.  (We can build this model from 13 feet to nearly 19 feet!  It can be tiller handle or steering wheel.)  As you can see, the boat is beautiful!  We can build this boat from 13 feet to 19 feet in length.  Base price is $2,900, including choise of basic colors, the seamless and sealed decks and floor, a front storage locker, lights, trolling motor pad and rub rail.

Our other model is a 15 foot with a 50' bottom.  We'll post some new pictures of that boat in a week or so (we're just building a new one tomorrow).    

We can build one for you, next.  For more information, call Bill Pettefer @ 377-7440, or email bill@marshrunnerboats.com.

You can watch our videos in full size at our YouTube Channel Here.  The videos are also embedded below.  Come ride with us!
We're ready to build one for you!
16 foot Marshrunner 2

As Promised, Here are the Videos!
(Watch in full size by clicking here.)

Here is the Marshrunner 2 from the dock at Prien Park.  Very cool!

Riding in the Marshrunner.  Dry, smooth and nice!

Description of the boat by the builder, Bill Pettefer

Great view of the boat from the dock

Now, some great pictures!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Clay Pettefer

Yep, this is Clay Pettefer driving our duck camp boat and towing a Marshrunner!
 Today we buried our Daddy, Clay Pettefer, the deisgner of Marshrunner Boats.  Dad was an awesome guy, and we are so grateful for his life and the leadership and love he gave our family.

Thank you, Daddy!   We love you.

P.S. You can see more about Clay Pettefer and his story at www.claypettefer.com/ or on his Facebook page.